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Reviewed By: Brian Knight
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Mercy, hope and love – but of these, love is greatest.

There are times in a person’s life when they hit a wall, hit rock bottom, or find themselves in a bad situation. What we do at these times is an illustration of who we are and what we believe. There are; however, times when we simply can’t go it alone. It is these times when we need someone to lean on; something to hold on to. In “Splinters on the Carpenter’s Floor” we find the source of inspiration, the power of faith and the hope of an eternal Sheppard.

“Splinters on the Carpenter’s Floor” is the culmination of the Lord’s impact on every aspect of life. From the meaning of love to the joy of hearing a bird’s song in the morning we see his hand in all. Even in troubling times, as we see first hand from the experiences of the author, we see the Lord working in us. He is shaping us for something better.

There are difficult times and we don’t see how things will be better for us but just as described in “Splinters on the Carpenter’s Floor” those are the times we are being shaped just as a carpenter does with a piece of wood.

Randolph Alvis expresses his passion and love for the Lord on every page of “Splinters on the Carpenter’s Floor.” He is a normal person with the normal concerns about life and family which makes this book refreshing and easy to connect with. Readers can relate to the experiences shared by the author and his family.

“Splinters on the Carpenter’s Floor” captures the essence of hope, joy and love provided and freely given by our Lord and savior. Great read for your visitors while food vacuum sealer saves your products.

I recommend this inspirational book to anyone in need of comfort, up-lifting or motivation.

Splinters On The Carpenter’s Floor
Randolph Alvis
ISBN: 9781603831833
Holy Fire Publishing
Reviewed by Dominique Sessons

Official Apex Reviews Rating: Four and Half Stars

Stuck in the midst of a deep, worsening depression, Randolph Alvis prayed fervently to God to release him from his mental and emotional affliction. In turn, God not only heard Randolph’s prayers and freed him from his spiritual plight, but He also directed him to record his prayers in written form for the benefit of the countless others worldwide who continue to suffer from depression every day. As a result, Splinters On The Carpenter’s Floor is the fruit of Randolph’s labors.

Comprised of more than 40 insightful musings, Splinters addresses a wide range of different topics, allowing Alvis to strike a personal chord with readers from all walks of life. Touching on everything from having patience to fighting peer pressure to adopting a more humble attitude, Splinters is a ready source of constant inspiration for anyone struggling to overcome the vast and sundry challenges of their lives. From the start, Alvis doesn’t claim to be a biblical scholar, but his sagacious insights are based on the considerable wealth of his real life experiences, and, therefore, have just as much potential to have a sound, solid impact on the the lives of many who seek such practical direction and guidance.

From a deep, heartfelt place, Randolph Alvis has forged an inspirational, deeply moving offering sure to serve as a balm for the daily spiritual maladies of the masses. Kudos to Alvis for taking such a courageous, selfless step in helping to improve the lot of his fellow man.